Narrating Kashmir’s Traditional Consumerism: A Sociological Description

Narrating Kashmir’s Traditional Consumerism: A Sociological Description.


Afghanistan Today, the GWOT Hotspot (The Afghanistan Scandal?) Sat. 12-14-13

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God bless America’s troops in Afghanistan as they work to complete retrograde operations so the US can have all their bases closed and troops out of there by 31 December 2014. It is a dangerous war zone where they earn combat pay, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Links from around the GWOT:

1.)  In this story from late November 2013, ISAF is blamed for killing civilians in Bati Kot, Afghanistan. What ever happened? All I ever read was this initial story and other accounts? Was there an investigation? Was anyone held accountable? It seems ISAF is blamed for deaths like this, but I never seem to hear what happened after the initial stories citing blame. Isn’t ISAF a creation of the United Nations? Who is in charge of ISAF? I don’t know the answers, just asking. Link:

2.) Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai cites his country’s riches…

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A Spiraling Crisis in the Central African Republic


International concerns deepen as clashes between Muslims and Christians in the troubled Central African Republic continue. Months of political instability have led to rival militias and factions attacking whole communities. Hundreds have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced, spawning a crisis that has led former colonial power France to send in additional troops.

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China Safely Soft-Lands Rover on the Moon

Fire and Forgiveness: How Apartheid Left Its Mark on Winnie and Nelson Mandela


Brandfort, South Africa – In 1977, the apartheid authorities banished Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie to Brandfort, a small, remote town in South Africa’s Afrikaner heartland. Worried by how she was keeping the African National Congress (ANC) alive while her husband was in jail, the white supremacist regime restricted her movements to a tiny three-roomed hut with no electricity, no running water and no indoor toilet in the black township on Brandfort’s outskirts.

Winnie’s hut – actually half a hut – was #802. In #806 was Nora Nomafu. Now 71, I found Nora outside Winnie’s old house on a recent visit, where she and three other old comrades were conducting a ceremony in remembrance of Mandela, who died last week at the age of 95.

“We were not even allowed to speak to her,” said Nora. “The women who worked in town had told their children, ‘Don’t go near this certain communist woman. She…

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Tensions Rise as Protestors Flood Kiev


Thousands of Ukranians backing President Viktor Yanukovich rallied Saturday in central Kiev, separated by only a barricade of riot police from a rival anti-government demonstration and raising concerns over a potential clash.

Opposition protests have gained international attention since protestors first took to the streets Nov. 21. Yanukovich sparked public outcry when he backed out of a long-proposed trade deal with the European Union under pressure from Russia.

The pro-Yanukovich demonstration swelled the capital’s Maidan square with people, as more anti-government activists descended on the designated opposition camp for a planned Sunday protest, Reuters reports.

U.S. Sen. John McCain also arrived Saturday to meet with and throw his support behind opposition leaders.

In what government critics say is an attempt to quell the protests, on Saturday Yanukovich dismissed the head of Kiev’s state administration and a national security aide for their involvement in a violent Nov. 30 clash. 


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No Words Needed

Enchanting Uttarakhand

As seen by Threesh Kapoor

Happy Janmashtmi

A matter of faith of in Patna. A muslim woman carries her son, attired as Krishna, for a school function.

It happens only in India…Happy Janmashtmi.

(Photo by TOI)



i) Students found copying will be shot on the spot.

ii)Any student coming late after 10 minutes after the exam starts will be forced to join Al Qayda group.

iii)AK-47’s and Grenades are not allowed in the exam hall. Students may keep their daggers, Revolvers and pack of anthrax bombs only for self defense.

Math Exam    Time 3 hours     Full Marks 100

All questions are compulsory.

1. Abdul was sent to jail for murder .He has 7 wives in his house. Abdul distributed money to his wives in such a proportion that the youngest and most recent wife receives maximum and oldest wife gets minimum, and each wife gets double of her former competitor. Abdul has 1700 Rupaye left in his house. Abdul’s oldest wife needs atleast 25 rupaye per month. Find out the time when Abdul will have to break Jail to come out and earn money so that his wives do not starve.

2. Karim is a Drug seller. Prices per gram of Marijuana, hasis, haroine and LHD s are 50, 60,70,80 Rupaye respectively. Karim offers a discount of Rupaye 20 for his buyers who buys more than 50 grams of drug. If Rahim , a buyer gets Rupaye 37 discount , find out the grams of LHD he bought.

3. Imran tampers the ball thrice per over. He deforms the ball .02% of its original shape each time . Find the percentage deformation the ball due to tampering in a one day series against India in which Imran bowled 9.3 overs.

4. Rauf has a Company named Al Allah Kidnapping & Murder Private Limited. He has to threat 10 people per day over Telephone. 40% of the people he threats are cinema stars in Mumbai, 30% are Businessman in Delhi, 20% are Cricket Players in Madras and 10% are shopkeepres in Calcutta . If ISD charges are rupaye 15, 25, 40, 50 per minute from Rauf’s city Islamabad to Bombay, Delhi,Calcutta and Madras respectively and he gets a Telephone bill of 10,230 Rupaya in a month Find out The No of Cinema stars in Mumbai ,threatened in that particular month.

5. A terrorist group has to provide one Ak AK 49,one Rocket Launcher, 50 Grenades and one pack of RDX to its Ron roots for training.One AK 47 costs 100$; One Ak 49 costs 150 $,A Bazuka rocket Launcher costs 250 $ , grenade is 3 $ each, a pack of Rdx Bomb attached with remote Control is 500 $. The terrorist group admits 2000 new people every year out of which 30 % are court-martialed. Find the amt of Foreign Money Pakistan Govt has to provide each year to run such a group.

6. If stabilty of democratic Govt. in pakistan is given by the following equation X exp3 +X exp2 -16 = i, where the notations have their usual meaning; Find out x.

7. Probaliblity of a Pakistani prime minister to be shot is 78 %. Probabilty of a Military general to be shot is 80% . Find the joint probability of a Prime minister to be shot who is also a Military general.

8.  Find out geometrically the area of Paktunistaan using PI Theorem with Osama BIn Ladens Correction (That is taking the value of PI = 786 instead of 3.14….), if Paktunistaan is taken as a heptagon.

9.  A ‘GHAURI’ missile tries to fly from Drass to Kargil which is not too far from Drass (say 100 miles) and is exactly to the East of Drass . The wind is blowing from the South and the speed of the wind is exactly equal to the speed of the airplane. (The speed of the airplane is measured with respect to the air!) The pilot decides to steer straight to Kargil all the time during the flight. Will the airplane ever reach Kargil ? What if the speed of the wind is k times the speed of the airplane, where k is a positive number (can be greater or less than 1)? Try to sketch the trajectory of the airplane (with respect to the ground, of course) in each of the three cases: k=1, k1 and k<1.

10.  Briefly discuss the Unsolved problem of “Bisection of a Triangle” with a Compass and an unmarked ruler if the triangle is named as KASHMIR.

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