India in 2050

Shared by a friend of mine, this represents the fate of Indian economy in2050. Need we say more on the state of multi national growth in rural India which will continue to suffer under brand names-with empty promises.


Afghanistan through the lens

Afghanistan has been at the receiving end of all kinds of wars through centuries. The wars of 20th and 21st century have however been the worst it has faced. It can not be told better than through pictures.
Everybody Hurts – Afghanistan 2010
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Elin Wants Divorce!!

Tiger Woods’ estranged wife Elin is holding “round the clock” discussions with lawyers regarding her divorce, which could cost Woods anywhere between $500 million to $600 million. According to a source, Elin is mostly concerned about protecting her two kids’ financial interests.

A book that Elin read about how the children of a wealthy man from his first marriage did not get their share of inheritance, while their father’s second wife ended up with the lion’s share of the money, has her especially worried. Woods’ wife is also said to be serious about buying a home in Arizona since the home she currently shares with Tiger in Windemere, Florida has become “a place that has way too many unhappy memories for her”.

I have a passion for golf and see Tiger as the present day avatar of golfing gods on field – thats the only Woods I know and want to know. He is a genius who lost his way in the words of Osho and could not transcend Sex. Well the poor guy is a mortal and while being a Tiger on the course wanted to be one off it too.

Elin, get your divorce and the millions but let him play golf without wrecking him – you owe this to the golfing world and fans like me.

Bofors – Sukh na – IPL and Accountability

There are various detractors of the armed forces in the country eager to point out the tiniest of malaise and blow it out of proportions. The Bofors scandal was one such event which maligned the image of the armed forces, while all the culprits were politicians, bureaucrats and business houses. The armed forces are still reeling from the backlash where  “Clean and transparent” ministers wouldn’t let the army’s modernisation plan go through for want of “clean” procedures. The tainted are having a field day while the armed forces are being denied of basic wherewithal to combat internal and external aggression.

Then you have a country where IPL has hogged the limelight over the past few days. The amounts of monies involved are staggering and can feed, clothe and educate millions of poor in the country. Harshad Mehta suddenly appears like a saint compared to the likes of BCCI and IPL stalwarts who consider it below their dignity to trade in anything less than Rs 70 Crores – that too as sweat equity. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. There are scandals and improprieties worth thousands of crores waiting to be unearthed. Each day the level of complexities only gets murkier.

Forgotten amongst all this are the accountability procedures of the Armed Forces where four generals are facing disciplinary action for “signing” a No Objection Certificate of a civil land over looking a military cantonment. The ignominy which the armed forces have suffered over the issue and the beating which its image has taken is debilitating to say the least. An organisation, where  an impropriety is judged from such strong standards of code of conduct, has been subjected to collective humiliation of its psyche in a trial by media.

In the same country tainted figures and history sheeter s are still “leaders” of all hues. From fodder scam to rotting wheat to rampant corruption in all departments of  governance there are voices emanating over skinning the military over “judgmental errors”.

This witch hunt in the country of Harshad Mehta and Lalit Modi demoralises the armed forces beyond comprehension.

After all you get your armed forces from the same society where corruption is the only tool that apparently works. Despite that if there is an organisation in the country which can hold its head high and punish the guilty promptly – it is the military which has sworn to live and die for the country.

For the rest it is ” Chalta hai”!

Tweet’s Twit

Old management adage, Talk less, do more and tweet only if you must. Technology troubles for our affable junior minister of foreign affairs who couldn’t keep a lid on his personal affairs. Mr Tharoor’s “lifetime in international public life” might not have prepared him for its intricacies. RIP

Tiger Back In His Habitat

Hibernation of the Tiger finally came to an end with the master making his first appearance in the Augasta Masters and scored a 4 under 68. His best score ever in the first round of a master.

The crowds loved him back on the course – they got their moneys worth and more when Tiger scored two eagles, again a first for him. This crowd had not come to see the tiger in the woods hiding for 144 days after the ill fated SUV bang up. They had come to see the master at work in the one thing he does best – golf.

Tiger appeared relaxed and overly friendly to the gallery, acknowledging their cheers and signing autographs.

There is another school of thought which went ballistic and called all attempts by sponsors to woo Tiger, unethical and shameful.

I for one am very pleased that Tiger is back in his habitat and that his genius is at work again. It was also good to see that Tiger had left the baggage of the past behind him as he finished the first round of golf after this break.

In Defense of Tiger Woods

Agreed it must have been hard to resist after scoring plentiful of birdies… my heart goes out to your virtually finished golfing career.

A different world for MFH

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